Elective Classes

Elective Classes

Our elective classes provide students with a much broader perspective of the world while helping them develop a unique curiosity about each of these subjects.

Graphic Design

  • Learn all the basic tools involved in graphic design while creating a series of digital illustrations.


Animation & Film Production

  • Create a stop motion animated movie using green screen technology.


Microsoft Office

  • Learn and explore all the various ways to create, format, and enhance documents on Microsoft Word. Create charts and graphs using Microsoft Excel while learning how to use the most common cell functions.



  • Practice different strategies for increasing typing accuracy and speed.


Photo Editing

  • Explore the techniques used to edit and enhance digital photos.


Music Engineering

  • Design and build a musical instrument, while learning about music theory.


Creature Design

  • Gain a better understanding of anatomy and physiology while designing and building movie-style creatures.


Comic Book Creation

  • Plan, design, and create a comic book.


Scheduling Information

Classes are available from 1:00pm to 2:00pm or from 2:00pm to 3:00pm Monday through Friday.

Available Elective Classes include those classes listed on Page 3 – 5 as well as our regularly offered STEM Classes (i.e. Robotics, LEGO Engineering, Game Design, Coding, and Minecraft Studio.