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We have specifically designed our products and services to help you provide your schools with the support they need to ensure the academic success of all the students you serve! Let us know what you are looking for, and we'll work with you on customizing the best solution for you.

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Key Benefits

Improve student achievement and test scores

Close learning gaps to get students back on track

Provide the individual support struggling students need

Reduce stressed for overworked teachers

Identify and address learning issues early on

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Academic Intervention
Academic Tutoring

Academic Intervention

We have instructors who are available to meet with your students throughout the day of after school to address their specific learning needs. Sessions can be group-based or one-on-one, depending on the students' needs.

Our instructors are trained in current pedagogical and interventionist strategies and are knowledgeable in the current state standards. They will work with your teachers to develop a learning plan best fit for each student and chart their progress as the student participates in the intervention.

Small group and 1-on-1

Track attendance and progress with detailed reporting

Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify learning gaps

Create customized learning plans to address individual needs

Use research-backed techniques proven to accelerate student growth

Academic Tutoring

We have tutors who could meet with your students any day of the week. Sessions normally run for 45-60 minutes, depending on the grade level of the students in the sessions, and focus on homework assistance, content reteaching, and test preparation.

Our tutors will work with your teachers to identify areas of need and address those specifically in each session, reporting back on progress made in the session.

Assist students with homework, studying, test prep

Reteach concepts students are struggling with

Build academic skills, confidence and motivation

Communicate with teachers to align with classroom curriculum

Offer flexible schedule with sessions held daily

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Animation Studio

Game-Based Learning Studio

Educational Publishing House


Our interactive learning website uses games, visuals, and adventures to help students deeply understand and apply academic concepts. We offer a personalized learning platform that evaluates each student's strengths and weaknesses with an initial assessment.

Our system then creates customized learning paths, targeting areas where more support is needed. As students work through the activities, they earn badges and rewards to motivate achievement. Features include animated video tutorials that break down complex topics using visual models, hands-on games reinforcing real-world applications, and creative adventures that drive mastery.

Coming Soon

Animation Studio

At our animation studio, we produce entertaining and enriching animated shorts across subjects to build critical thinking skills. Our science series will lead curious viewers through an exploration of ecosystems, the solar system, ocean dynamics and more using captivating storylines and lovable characters.

Historical events will come alive through our social studies episodes spanning ancient civilizations to scenes from industrial revolutions. Even complex math concepts become understandable through our relatable math ventures.

Coming Soon

Game-Based Learning Studio

Immerse students in essential literacy, math, science and social studies skills practice through our video games crafted just for in-classroom playing. Our reading adventure will allow early learners to reinforce phonics and sight word recognition through a bounce-along word quest. Later levels will incorporate vocabulary builders and reading comprehension story games.

Solve for skills offers arithmetic games starting with foundational operations through multi-step equations and geometry puzzles. Experiment play will allow characters to engage in learning about science from chemical interactions to weather patterns and more.

Coming Soon

Educational Publishing House

We provide a robust library of curriculum, textbooks, teacher guides, and supplementary resources carefully designed to meet state education standards across subjects. Our elementary literacy series offers diverse character-driven stories, rich text sets for analysis and discussion, as well as vocabulary exercises focused on word patterns. Our middle school science textbooks engage students with real-world case studies and experiments, while social studies explores cultures across eras through interactive digital experiences.

For high school, our test prep workbook reinforces key competencies and includes full-length practice exams. Download our complete catalog of offerings including special education and gifted resources, ELL supports, digital editions, and more.