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Let us help you build a community of learners by having us lead any of these workshops in your district or at your school.

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Common Core State Standards - Mathematics

Workshop #1 – Introduction to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Parents will learn about the Common Core State Standards, particularly the Mathematical Content Standards and the Mathematics Practice Standards, in a way that they can relate to. They will also learn about different strategies and resources they could start using at home to help support their children become successful learners.

Workshop #2 – Introduction to the Smarter Balanced Assessment

Parents will receive an overview of the types of questions that are used on the assessment. They will have the opportunity to explore each question and understand the level of mathematical reasoning that is required for their students to be successful on this assessment.

Workshop #3 – Math Homework Strategies: How to Help Your Child

The worst experience a parent can have is the inability to provide their child with the proper support. This workshop will provide parents with the knowledge and basic skills to reinforce strategies used in the classroom to effectively assist their child with homework.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEAM)

Workshop #1 – Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

As the Common Core Math and ELA standards are beginning their implementation, the New Generation Science Standards are being rolled out. Parents will obtain informative facts about the New Generation of Science Standards to help them understand and answer any questions about the implementation of the standards.

Workshop #2 - Why is STEM Important?

As the nation’s economy grows; so will the demand for properly skilled individuals. It is speculated that over one million jobs will be created, but only those with a STEM degree will have the qualifications. Parents will learn how the education system is changing in order to accommodate students for a technology-based economy.

Educational Technology

Workshop #1 – Apple-based (Apple iOS/iPad) Technology Resources for Parents

Parents will learn the basic skills to operate Apple products and current software and applications compatible for iMacs and iPads.

Workshop #2 – PC-based Technology (Windows/Android) Resources for Parents

Parents will learn the basic skills to operate PC products and current software and applications compatible for PC’s and Tablets. 

Project Based Learning (PBL)

Workshop #1 – What is Project Based Learning?

This workshop will clear up misconceptions of what Project Based Learning is and how it should look like in the classroom. Parents will see the challenges that teachers, administrators and students are facing with project-based learning and will learn what they can do to help the education community.

Workshop #2 – How To Support Your Child

Parents will learn how to include their children safely in daily, routine chores and projects around the home that can harness academic learning. Project Based Learning is not confined to the classroom… it begins and ends at home!

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