Teacher/Principal Workshops

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Teacher Workshops

Common Core State Standards - Mathematics

Workshop #1 – Addressing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Learn strategies for successfully addressing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Explore different instructional models to help develop procedural fluency and conceptual understanding, while fostering strategic competence.

Workshop #2 – Developing Conceptual Understanding

Explore different strategies to help students develop conceptual unstanding. Theories/models addressed in this workshop include Bloom’s Taxonomy, Webb’s Development of Knowledge, Concept Attainment Model, 5E Model, and Project Based Learning.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEM)

Workshop #1 – Integrating the Arts and STEM → STEAM

The New Generation Science Standards require curriculum that is based on STEM subjects. In this workshop, teachers will learn how STEM can become an easier subject by introducing the arts. Drawing, painting and filmmaking are some of the topics that will be discussed.

Workshop #2 – Engaging Students in STEAM

Incorporating STEM (STEAM) curriculum is a daunting task. Where does one begin? How does one engage the students? In this workshop, teachers will learn about available resources to better help them create fun and exciting lessons without losing academic integrity.

Workshop #3 – Teaching STEAM on a Budget

Teachers are bombarded with ads and sales pitches on how they need “engineering” kits for their class in order to be successful. There are other options out there that can be more successful and without the exorbitant price tag. Teachers will learn how to use resources in and outside the school to provide an engaging STEAM lesson without breaking the bank.

Workshop #4 – Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Teachers will engage in an in-depth workshop on the Next Generation Science Standards. The NGSS will be broken down and analyzed in order to answer teachers inquiries and to better prepare them for the classroom.

Workshop #5 – Addressing the NGSS in your Grade Level

This workshop will look at strategies on how to approach the NGSS according to the teacher’s specific grade level.

Workshop #6 – Introducing Engineering Design in Grades 3-8

This workshop is designed to introduce teachers to the engineering design process. Teachers will learn how to look at things through the lens of an engineer so they can better assist their students with engineering.

Educational Technology

Workshop #1 – Apple-based (Apple/iPad) Technology Resources for Teachers

Teachers will learn the basic skills to operate Apple products and current software and applications compatible for iMacs and iPads.

Workshop #2 – PC-based Technology Resources for Teachers

Teachers will learn the basic skills to operate PC products and current software and applications compatible for Windows and tablets.

Workshop #3 – Online Resources for Teachers

In this workshop, teachers will be given several online resources that can assist their students with learning difficult concepts and with their homework.

Workshop #4 – Microsoft Office for Teachers

This workshop is designed to help teachers present the basic skills required to run Microsoft Office to their students. Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Power Point will be the focus of the workshop.

Workshop #5 – Differentiation Through Technology

This workshop explores a variety of technology-based tools to support differentiated instruction. Participants will not only learn about these tools, but they will gain first-hand experience using them and developing their own activities using these tools.

Workshop #6 – Formative Assessment Through Technology

Participants will learn how to development quick-and-easy formative assessments through a wide variety of technology-based tools that are available online.

Project Based Learning (PBL)

Workshop – Introduction to Project Based Learning

In this workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the theory behind Project Based Learning and will learn ways to successfully implement it in any subject area.

Principal Workshops

Common Core State Standards - Mathematics

Workshop #1 – Diving into the Standards for Mathematical Practice

In this workshop, administrators and principals will learn about the Standards for Mathematical Practice and the habits of mind necessary to support student learning of mathematics.  Administrators will examine the language within the Standards for Mathematical Practice to reflect about the physical classroom environment and student behaviors to promote within their schools.

Workshop #2 – What is Rigor and the Shifts within CCSS?

In this workshop, administrators and principals will learn about rigor in order to learn about content that will support student learning of math in the new California Standards.  Administrators will engage in some activities that promote rigor within math classrooms.

Workshop #3 – What to Observe in Mathematics Classrooms

In this workshop, administrators and principals will review prior learning to cultivate a plan of what to observe in mathematics classrooms.  A “Look For” tool will be shared with principals that promotes the habits of mind students need to be successful in learning math deeply.  Practice of this nonevaluative tool will take place in this session.

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